Our company has been researching, reviewing and publishing information on 'scam-free work from home opportunities' for almost ten years. We are the ONLY research company to be recommended in this field, as our standards for selecting legitimate work from home opportunities is extremely high, ensuring and protecting consumers' rights. We feel that our website offers the right mix of SCAM-FREE work from home opportunities for everyone.

In the last year we researched over 300 companies, distinguishing if their work from home opportunity was genuine. We reviewed all aspects of the company; and our guidelines are quite strict. For example, if a 'work from home company' doesn't have the following 3 to start with, they are considered 'unsafe' & 'illegitimate.': Privacy policy, spam policy and money back guarantee.

We then distinguished if the company offered: a respective earning potential; an easy payment system; easy-to-use features; a reasonable membership fee and much more. We are the ONLY work company on the internet to offer this important & valid research. 

People who are serious about wanting to make money from home, can search for the perfect home based employment opportunity within our site, without worrying about getting scammed. With a variety of different types of home based opportunities there is something for everyone.

We are a non-profit organisation. When/If you purchase a membership fee we do not receive an commissions. Our sponsors fund our research projects and our research website. 

Company History

For ten years we have carried out research in many categories, such as:

We strive to ensure that consumers are in a safe & scam free environment when purchasing products or services from this opportunity category.





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